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Astonishing property development and sales

At Moorhaven we are wildly enthusiastic about all aspects of property and as experienced property developers we have tackled projects from the smallest bijou through to conversions as big as the conversion of the Moorhaven Psychiatric Hospital into a village of 120 homes.

Our love for property development is what keeps us motivated and this is why over the past few years we gone on to tackled all sorts of conversions, including; barns, shops, pubs, care homes, hotels and dental surgeries - we’ve also built some absolutely cracking new homes, proving that no project is too big or too small to attract our interest.

Our property development experience has also lent itself to our clients turning to us to help them find properties and even get involved with joint development projects with our friends & investors. These projects have returned handsome profits to our investors, whilst producing fabulous new homes for our buyers & tenants alike.


Why choose Moorhaven Ltd?

Projects we undertake with our clients vary from small individual properties to large multiple property developments. These developments give any investors a great return on their investment, whilst ensuring that their properties are the best on the buyer or rental market.

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