Why choose Moorhaven Lettings?



We’ll help you find the right property.

We will discuss your property requirements in depth and once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, only then can we provide you with a selection of properties that match your criteria and needs.

If we don’t have the right property when you enquire, we will search to find the right property to suit your needs and inform you when we find it. We have relationships with many landlords & developers across the South Hams & South Devon, so the right property is out there waiting to be discovered.

Convenient viewings to suit you.

We're open at times to suit you, this means that we provide convenient viewings, including early evenings and at the weekends. We understand that you have busy lives, so our offices are open 9am-6.30pm Monday to Friday and for pre-arranged appointments we’re also open on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

If this isn’t enough you can contact us 7 days a week via the telephone between 8am-8.00pm this means that we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have immediately and advise where necessary.


Finding the right tenant.

Having had the immense pleasure of growing up here in South Devon, we know nearly everything there is to know about the area in which we operate and it’s our job to also know everything about your rental. We’ll keep you fully up to date on how we are progressing with letting your property, from who’s interested in renting, when potential tenants are viewing your property and then after the viewing, what the potential tenant thought about your property. We’ll advertise your property extensively through our lettings website & Facebook page and on the Zoopla property portal to ensure your property gets seen by as many potential tenants as possible.

You don’t have to worry about a thing when we are looking after your letting; We’ll show prospective tenants around on your behalf and we’ll even make sure it’s convenient for you and for your current tenants, taking the hassle away from you.

It’s always best to show off a property in daylight, but evening viewings are no problem, we carry out viewings up to 8pm and we can show people around at the weekend, too. Making sure that you have the best chance of letting your property to the best possible tenants.

Security for the landlord & tenant.

Once a suitable property has been identified we will ask the tenant to complete an application for tenancy and gather the details we need to request relevant references. This information will then be communicate to the landlord to ensure they are happy with everything.

Once the landlord has confirmed they are happy to proceed we will arrange for the signing of the tenancy agreement, at a location to suit, taking away the hassle from both the landlord and the tenant.

Prior to the signing of the tenancy agreement you will be asked to pay the deposit which is a month’s rent as well as the first month’s rent in advance. You may also be asked to pay an extra deposit if you have any pets. Upon which a pet agreement will be signed, for which there is no fee!

Upon completion, you will be given a set of keys and if your property is managed we will provide you with our contact details. We will also take an inventory, photographic & full written, that you will need to sign in order to make sure everything is in order when you come to moving out.

This process ensures both the tenant and the landlord can be satisfied that everything has been done to protect both parties.