Projects we undertake with our clients vary from small individual properties to large multiple property developments. These developments give any investors a great return on their investment, whilst ensuring that their properties are the best on the buyer or rental market.

We have our own experienced team of construction experts who take care of all our projects and are highly trusted and regarded within the industry. These experts have built everything from a thatched cottage through to super luxury houses which include superior features such as modern, ecologically friendly insulation systems and heating solutions.

The variety and sheer scope of our property development projects is what keeps us interested. This brings with it an enthusiasm to keep looking at the endless new possibilities of creating attractive and sustainable buildings that to meet the needs of our clients.

The skills we have gained though our property development experience has meant that we have been able to diversify into estate agency. Our knowledge of selling our own developments has honed our marketing awareness to how best to present & sell a property for our clients, many of which now use us solely as their primary estate agent.

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding service to both the seller & the buyer which will help them understand all aspects of our local area, including; offering advice on schools, transport & amenities in our area – ultimately helping them to make the right choice.

In short, we help both buyers and sellers of a property to get a really clear picture of what their needs & wants are and then match them to each other to find the perfect solution.